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Leading with clarity and in confidence in turbulent and uncertain times
Taken from Leadership Freak with Dan Rockwell:

1) Acknowledge challenges—Be clear and concise without over-dramatizing or focusing only on the worst case scenarios.

2) Communicate with empathy—Listen carefully with personal engagement, don’t interrupt thought, make room for silence, and respond with utmost care.

3) Go with your highest point of clarity—There are a million points of uncertainty that create paralysis, so find a reasonable point of clarity and act.

4) Stay present—Navigate current challenges by doing those things that answer immediate concerns. Drama mongers create anxiety by focusing on the distant future.

5) Reflect on grit—Think about previous experiences of difficulty and uncertainty. Reflective questions about what worked and what added value are vital.

6) Listen to your heart—How can we take care of each other? How would you want to be helped and assisted?

7) Avoid long-range decisions—Flexibility and agility are needed. Don’t lock yourself into long-term decisions when the house is on fire!


Foundation for Social Emotional Learning Needed

Guiding Teachers in Planning

1) We must first try to take care of the emotional needs of our families/ students during this international crisis.
Numerous families may be dealing with the loss of income/jobs and potentially even loss of loved ones. Many of our families are fearful about how they will provide for their families in the long-term or are afraid for their health and safety. Some are struggling with their newfound roles as “co-teachers” or “T.A.s.”

2) We must prioritize.
Not everything can be covered extensively as it is in the classroom. Focus most of your effort on core subjects: reading, writing, and math… and do those well. Isn’t this kind of a relief! If our students at least grow in skill with reading, writing, and math, they will be more prepared to learn in the next grade.

3) We must be flexible with due dates.
We are now working with parent/guardian schedules as well as our own. The last thing we should be doing is adding to the stress our families are already feeling. Our students are our priority so let's build them up and support them, along with the parents that are doing everything they can to make this work….just like we are.

4) Non-Core classes should be a source of joy, stress release, and emotional expression.
Art and Music have the potential to be an incredibly fulfilling way to express emotion and experience fun in a particularly stressful environment. PE is the perfect avenue for release. Let’s focus on finding age-appropriate, creative ways to decrease student stress and increase student engagement.

5) Let’s share the emotional burden, as well as our resources, to help support each other even more.
We have an abundance of strengths and talents in our RCS TMT. Let’s communicate even more promptly, clearly, and effectively. Continue to share things that are working for you, questions or concerns you may have, online resources or tools that you are learning, a quick prayer with your colleague, or even just share a laugh. We are so much better together.

Individualized Student Sample
1. Growth
  Math Goals:
   -Addition/Subtraction within 100
   -Identify Odd and Even Numbers
   -Multiply One Digit by One Digit
  ELA Goals:
   -Spells Homophones correctly (do/due/dew)
   -Identifies Past Tense Correctly
   -Identifies the correct function of a Noun in a sentence

2. Engagement
   Science/Social Studies Engagement:
   -Watch Fiona the Hippo 2 Year Highlights Video
   -Identify on Google Earth where Hippos Live
   -Take a Video or Email a typed list of important things that a baby Hippo would            need in their environment.
   -Music with teacher name two days a week
   -PE two days a week (30 minutes/session)
      GoNoodle.com, Take a walk, Play basketball, Jump on a trampoline

3. Opportunity
Pick Something from the Enrichment List this Week and give me an update on what you watched and learned.

Webinars for Leading through this Transition